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Posted on 11-05-2014

ok..so You've probably heard us talking about Nutrimost... yeah.. yeah... another diet plan out there.. so, here's me>>"sounds too good to be true... how can that work? ... it's can't really happen that fast.. how can I NOT be hungry?" ... ok...so.. no one (and I mean NO ONE) was as SKEPTICAL as me when Dr. P decided we were gonna add this diet program to the practice.  Make no mistake, I mean, I definitely thought it was a great idea to add a weight-loss to the practice... after all, so many people with back issues have a weight issue.. that part is a no-brainer. 

So.. in comes Nutrimost.. yeah.. OK... 20-40 lbs in 40 days...43 actually.. REALLY, really!?  yeah.. ok... I had a really hard time believing it.  so, SUPPOSEDLY (<that was where my mind was at that time haha!)... for most people there's no hunger, energy is good and people detox to the point where they often don't want all the bad stuff when they're done... again... "yeah, right.. ok" .... so I just kinda sat back...watched people come in, start the program... scheduled them up for their 7-10 day follow-ups and I waited... and waited... and waited... I waited... for the struggles... the hunger... the complaints... the crankiness... the "I only lost a pound"...

but it didn't happen.  People were losing between 5-10 lbs a week... this was crazy... they weren't tired, they weren't hungry.. and the best part was they were EXCITED!  very excited..there is no motivation to lose weight like...well... like>>LOSING WEIGHT... FAST!  RESULTS get RESULTS!  That's what I was seeing.  IT was ...well... ok.. I will admit it NOW... AWESOME!  The thing was is that I was seeing people eating a clean diet, with guidance, with direction and with support from Dr. P and getting results... FAST!  Healthy, Fast Results!

OK... so I'm thinking... hmm... ok.. I'm a little jealous now... cause I have those extra lbs I've been struggling with for about 3 years now... ok.. let's DO THIS!  Sooo... I did... and guess what?!  I DID IT! So... I started June 2... ... my personal experience...  Best thing I have done "FOR MY SELF" in a very long time.  With the clean eating, easy prep and getting rid of the 'not-so-good" things I was eating... it worked!  My energy was up, I was eating so much better, I was NOT hungry and I hit my goal!  I was amazed!  I was DONE July 15... 22 lbs later!  NO JOKE ...22 lbs in 43 days! That's over 1/2 lb a day!

Losing it fast made all the difference in the world to me.  I n the past, if I didn't see results, even if it was only a lb or 2... I'd give in to the craving, say to my self "I'll just start again Monday"... I'd give up... but when you lose it fast, MOTIVATION IS INCREDIBLE!  I didn't want to snack or cheat... this felt too good and was too easy!

And I have been 'diet-free" since then!  the weight has stayed OFF and it's been pretty easy!  I DO find my self making much better choices, and for me I think it was the "CLEAN" food I was eating.  I really am not craving the things I did before.  I find myself making better choices now and my body and mind seem to be agreeing!  Before, the cravings always WON.. and I think since this diet detoxes (to a degree), I just did NOT crave.. and still don't ... It's easier to "JUST SAY NO!" haha... and I am able to portion  control myself now.   

But the thing is... it all made sense, the combination of foods, the easy natural supplements I took, the constant support I got, all my questions answered, even the silly ones!  Yup, it worked.. I will say that having the constant support of Dr. P made it so easy and is probably the best tool of all!

So... here I am, 5 months later, looking better but more importantly, feeling HEALTHIER!  So... here's my advice, the same advice I'd give my own family (cause my mom did it too.. hahaha!!) Come on in... learn about it, how it works, what it is and if it's good for YOU.  Weight is one of the leading causes of so many diseases, illnesses and aches and pains (ie; knees, back, feet).   Is it time for you to learn more about NutriMost?   The answer to this is... if you'd want someone you love to do this and get healthier and lose weight, why in the world wouldn't you DO IT FOR YOU?!?! Call me... let's talk... Lisa

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