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Posted on 01-29-2014

It;s been a very long time since we've posted anything... and after thinking long and hard..well.. I decided to begin.. with Dr. P's permission of course!  As many of you who've been here already  know, it's very relaxed around here...and we don't really take some opinions very seriously on exactly what some people think about chiropractic.  People that have had a great chiropractic experience know exactly what I mean.  But even many of those people know what it was like "pre-chiro"... you know... "oh no..don't go to a chiropractor.. you'll be worse than before... or.."my brother's girlfriend's aunt's husband's mother-in-law said chiro can hurt you!.."... REALLY?! ... so if you really want some food for thought... how about this.....  for chuckles, I'll share this with you... I know that I got a good laugh out of it!! so...without further ado (or my ongoing babble) here ya go... Enjoy! ~~~   TOP 5 REASONS NOT TO GO TO A CHIROPRACTOR:    1>"I like being hunched over like the Hunchback of NotreDame"... WHAT?!  they even wrote a book about HIM!... a movie too! I think this look might work for me!   2>"Headaches are normal...everyone gets headaches"... NO... headaches are NOT normal...some people have NEVER has a headaches... imagine?!   3>like I said before.. " my brother's girlfriend's aunt's husband's mother-in-law said Chiropractic isn't safe... it might even hurt you!" ... most of these people have never EVER even been to a chiropractor... but have plenty to say... studies show the safety and effectiveness of chiropractic... always go to the source for answers to your questions.. not a friend of a friend of a.. well.. you get it...   4>"If I stop using all my prescription drugs for the pain, I'm just wasting my coverage benefits?!"  REALLY?!  do we really wanna go there?! ok.. her goes... all drugs have side effects that some us may never get...but they all drugs have them... there are NO side effects  with Chiropractic care... NONE!  unless you count getting better and feeling good!   5>"I can deal with the pain.. it's no big deal if I can't move my neck to the right.. I can move to the left... NO big deal!"  OK... stay that way... give it some more time... as a matter of fact... why don't you just wait til you can't turn to the right AND left!  smart...real SMART!    6>"Chiropractic is very painful!!"  FACT.. PAIN is painful...CHIROPRACTIC is relief... in some case immediately!  the treatment itself is usually very relaxing... alot of our patients actually 'nod off" during their care... and afterwards, many people feel more mobility and less pain right away.   ~~~ In the end we have choices for our care and treatment.  It's all up to you how you address you pain, immobility or injury.  For me, the choice is pretty clear.  No drugs or their side effects, no waiting for things to get better on their own (because hey usually get worse, not better).  I choose a safe, drug-free, natural method to address my injury and not just the symptom (pain).  I'd rather fix the problem than just mask it with a pill.   so...THOUGHTS?! join me in this discussion...

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